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Seminář MATLAB & Simulink
Model-Based Systems Engineering using MATLAB and Simulink
Datum:16.5.2023 (úterý), od 9:00
Místo:Kongresové centrum ČVUT, Praha, Česká republika
Vstupné:Zdarma, zaregistrujte se prosím
Přednášející:Ibrahim Saddoug (MathWorks)
Design, analyze, and test system and software architectures
As systems become more complex, engineers are being challenged to do more despite shrinking development timelines and budgets. Engineers working in aerospace, automotive, robotics, medical devices, and industrial automation machinery and more rely on modern development platforms to design, build, test, and deploy the systems of tomorrow.
Seminar will show you how engineers use Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to manage system complexity, improve communication, and produce optimized systems. Successful MBSE requires the synthesis of stakeholder requirements into architecture models to create intuitive system descriptions, and incorporates verification and validation into the software development workflow.
Learn how to use MATLAB, Simulink, and System Composer together to create descriptive architecture models that seamlessly bridge into detailed implementation models. The connected environment ensures items across the architecture and design worlds stay in sync. Systems engineers can establish a digital thread to navigate between system requirements, architecture models, implementation models, and embedded software.
With MATLAB, Simulink, and System Composer, you can:
  • Capture and manage stakeholder needs and system requirements enabling impact and coverage analysis.
  • Optimize system architectures by capturing architecture metadata and directly connecting to MATLAB analytics for domain-specific trade studies.
  • Create simplifying customized model views to isolate the components of interest for different engineering concerns.
  • Validate requirements and verify system architectures using simulation-based tests.
  • Translate and refine requirements into architectures with components ready for simulation and implementation using Model-Based Design in Simulink.
About the presenter
Ibrahim Saddoug is an application engineer at MathWorks in Paris. He supports customers in aerospace, automotive in the establishment of systems engineering workflows and tools. Systems Architecture, requirements management and V&V activities are key aspects of his work.
Ibrahim holds an Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the engineering school Sup-Galilee in Sorbonne University in Paris. Before joining MathWorks, he worked with companies like Safran Landing Systems, Faurecia and Renault on projects involving MBD, data analysis and mechanical modeling. He has also participated in MBSE projects, assisting these companies in the assessment and deployment of systems engineering methodologies and tools.
9:10Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • - What is Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • - Bridging Model-Based Systems Engineering and Model-Based Design
9:30Develop Architecture Models and Manage System Requirements
  • - Use System Composer to intuitively sketch hierarchical systems of architectures
  • - Capture, view, and manage system requirements
  • - Establish requirements traceability and perform requirement coverage analysis
10:00Coffee break
10:30Next Steps – What can you do with your system architecture model?
  • - Perform trade studies and analyze architectures
  • - Connect to Model-Based Design in Simulink
  • - Export architectures and create customized reports
11:30Final questions, discussion